[Chemical restraints in nursing homes in the federal state Vorarlberg, Austria--an analysis of nursing home documentation according to legal obligation and suggestions for future improvement].


Journal Article


Wien Med Wochenschr, Volume 158, Ausgabe 17-18, p.489-92 (2008)


Austria, Behavior Control, Diazepam, Documentation, Drug Prescriptions, Forecasting, Humans, Hypnotics and Sedatives, Nursing Homes, Tranquilizing Agents


<p>High prevalence of chemical restraints in nursing homes is being criticised as suboptimal care. According to a new legal act, the Austrian "Heimaufenthaltsgesetz" 2005, nursing homes are obliged to report not only physical restraints but also chemical restraints. Using the Beers criteria we analysed all 78 notifications of chemical restraints registered during 18 months. Pronounced deficits concerning the selection of reporting criteria and the quality of doctors' documentation of prescription were observed. National guidelines defining chemical restraints and providing valid assessment instruments are urgently warranted.</p>